Feedback from Parents & Students

Long Term Progress and Enjoyment:
My son worked with Kathleen for over 5 years and has grown from being someone who had to be forced to read to someone who loves to read. His writing and comprehension skills would not be where they are without Kathleen and she has a gift of figuring out how to inspire and support individual learning styles. I am confident my son will do well in high school, and I would not have felt this way without Kathleen’s support throughout the years. She is by far, the most valuable teacher he has had in his K-8th grade schooling. 
Stephanie P., Bed-Stuy

Executive Function & Dyslexia:
Kathleen did wonders with my son. He has dyslexia and executive functioning issues, which were picked up later in elementary school. Kathleen worked extensively with him to develop skills and tools to compensate. This greatly helped him become the successful student he is today. Kathleen was so good we highly recommended her to our neighbor and, frankly, to anyone who would listen. 
Matt M., Bay Ridge

Attention to Individual Needs:
Before my daughter started working with Kathleen, she was struggling with reading to the point where it was affecting her self esteem. This was especially difficult during remote schooling. Kathleen’s kind, compassionate approach has been amazing. My daughter went from struggling with basic words to reading long chapter books with relative ease and enthusiasm. We couldn’t be happier. They’re now working together on math and we’re seeing similar progress. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher and we are so lucky to know her. 
Laura W., Midwood

Our 1st visit with Kathleen was a success! Our daughter wants to continue learning math with her, and that’s a big accomplishment for a girl who dreaded math. We look forward to ongoing lessons. Much thanks!
-Rachele D., Crown Height